Race Age: determined by the calendar year; the age a competitor will be on Dec 31 of this year.

Racing Up: Competitors may compete in a higher age or skill category but not a lower category. A college freshman may race in the open event, just as a masters competitor may race in the open event. 

Lightweight: Any athlete is welcome to race at verified weight, regardless of category. To be verified at their respective weight class, a competitor must weigh in within 2-hours of race start at or below the posted weight, including tenths of a pound.

Athletes will not be allowed a second weigh in attempt if they are more than 0.9 pounds over first weigh-in. For example, a female weighing in at 135.4 may remove layers and re-weight. If she marks 135.0 or below the weight is verified.  

Subcategories of flyweight and youth men's "Spring Race" are also listed. The top time posted by an athlete in any category who was at verified weight will be recognized with a gold medal for the subcategory. 

Open (adult) men: 165 pounds (Flyweight=140)

Open (adult) women: 135 pounds (Flyweight=115)

Youth men: 165 pounds. ("Spring Race"=155. Flyweight=140)

Youth women: 135 pounds (Flyweight=115)

College Novice/Frosh: Competitors must either be true college freshman (enrolled in their first year of college) or be older college undergraduates in their 5-year eligibility windows, but having not rowed in any organized regattas prior to August of the previous calendar year.  

Never-Ever: Competitors who have never rowed at a previous indoor rowing event, nor any on-water race (fall or spring)

Masters: Competitors 21 to 39*, no age handicaps. *competitors 40 and up may elect to race in this category. 

Veteran: Competitors age 40 and over. There is an age-based time adjustment formula: 

40-50: 1.0 seconds per year over 40

51-60: 10.0 seconds plus 2 seconds per year over 50

61-70: 30.0 seconds plus 3 seconds per year over 60

71-80: 60.0 seconds plus 5 seconds per year over 70

81-up: 110.0 seconds plus 7 seconds per year over 80

Youth: Any competitor race age 18 and under, or currently enrolled in high school. Competitors may compete in a higher age or skill category but not a lower category. For example, a U17 lightweight is welcome in the U19 Open event but a U19 openweight is prohibited from both lightweight and U17. 

Middle School / U15: Any athlete enrolled in grade 8 or below may compete in the middle school event, regardless of age. 


All races are 2000 meters unless otherwise noted. 
TIRC is a sanctioned Concept 2 event and competitors who meet their respective time standard will qualify for a travel stipend to the USRowing Indoor National Championship. 
We follow the format of a "traditional" indoor race, while seeking to best align ourselves with USRowing Rules of Indoor Racing. There are race categories for people of all ages and abilities. Please email us at with any questions.


Dash Events (Adult and Youth): Every competitor mush supply their own erg holder to prevent the machine from sliding. You cannot compete in the Team Relay if you are in the Dash. Only top 2 (two) overall score team points. 


Relay Races - College and Youth Relay Teams consist of four (4) men and four (4) women and race 4000 meters. Club Relay Teams consist of two (2) men and two (2) women and race 2000 meters. Composite teams are allowed, but will not receive team points. Programs are welcome to enter more than one relay team, but only the top finish will receive points.

Each team will be assigned to a single erg and must furnish two (2) erg holders. You may utilize additional members to assist racers with foot straps.  Relay members cannot compete in the Dash events. No one but the competitor currently racing may touch the erg handle. Pumping the erg handle during transitions will result in disqualification.

No need to pre-register, just have team ready to compete at race time.