Virtual Sprints Ergatta & Endurance Challenge

Times are strange, let's have fun with it.

All you need to participate is a Concept 2 ergometer and internet connection. 

***May 14, 2020 Update: Competitors Please Check emails for Voucher Codes. Swag is on the way!***

  • Past Events:

    • Spring Sprints (500m & 5km prelim then 2k/1k final)

    • Distance Challenge (10km and Marathon) 

  • Affiliations:

    • Totally virtual and can be made up for this event, or represent your home club. 

  • Registration:

    1. ​Go to registration page and enroll in the event​

    2. Follow link in registration receipt email to submit your info to the leaderboard

  • Results:

    • Times for pieces similar to the event distances may be used to calculate a time for anything other than the Sprints Final (2k / 1K)

      • For instance, if you pulled a 4800 for the Rower's Choice event, we will add 0:00.5 to your average split and project that out for a 5k. If you did a 50k, we'll take the average split and calculate the time for 42,195. ​

    • All submitted results will be ranked, but only verified results will count for points and awards. 

      • Monitors must display correct date and fall between March 18 and respective entree deadline. ​

      • Concept 2 static machines only. No sliders, no dynamic ergs, no water rowers, no RP3, ect.

      • Verify in one of three ways:

        1. Email results screen to

        2. Post on social media and tag @covid19ergatta or #covid19ergatta

        3. C2 Verification code​



  • The event is for people of any age, ability, and sporting background. 

  • After registration you'll get a link to submit your competitor info and get on the leader-boards. 

  • Contact us with questions or sponsorship opportunities at:


  • Participants will select from a short list of organizations Ergatta revenue will be dispersed to. 

  • As a one-time-only event; the t-shirts will be a great collector's item and are included with registration. 

  • Medals and Trophies will also be awarded

  • Apparel and awards will be mailed following the conclusion of racing. 


  • ​​Registration closes 6pm EST  Sunday April 5th. 

  • Preliminary round:

    • One distance piece (5000m) and one sprint piece (500m) will be ranked for each participant.

    • They can be pulled and submitted anytime between March 18th and 8pm EST Sunday, April 5th

    • The best individual result submitted will be the one ranked; no limit on number of allowable attempts. 

  • Results from preliminary round post Monday, April 6th.  

  • Submission for the final (2k for youth, open, and adaptive; 1k for masters) will close 8pm EST on Sunday, April 12th with results posting Monday the 13th. 


  • Individual medals for each distance.

  • Competitors can register and submit a 10,000m and/or Marathon(42,195m) score anytime before 8pm EST April 12th.

  • Only people who complete the 10k and Marathon get the 'Endurance Challenge' tank top.